Scope of business

Professional office relocation

Office relocation we are more professional, and station Assembly and disassembly, bookcase disassembly, filing Assembly and disassembly, safe handling. Network cabling, monitoring installation.
A. service processes: moving company exploration-quote-contract-specific communication for customer is responsible for the relocation of personnel-wraps the customer equipment one day in advance to protect the facilities at the customer (elevators, floor, wall, etc)-field operations. Professional site supervisors monitoring command the entire relocation process, operations include: site split goods packaging, transport, new packaging and packaging materials-the cost of clearing steps such as cleaning-customer acceptance b. Service features: salesman under the relocation of goods and sites by the moving company, relocation programme;    design detail provide items packing, packaging, transport to the place of the one-stop service;    take care of floors, walls, and elevator, professional protection, items are professionally packed to ensure transport safety; by using the tag, as shown in diagram, list, can ensure that the items are not lost, Items displayed in place of each employee; new site supervisors on-site supervision, ensure the removal process in order.
C. service: order, good service, convenient service, service mind.

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Scope of business
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