Scope of business

Office relocation

, Preparations for 1, before moving to determine time: xx xx xx year month day 2, the implementation of renovation: acceptance of the new Office.
3, the new Office of property management: decoration acceptance needs to be implemented after the completion of the new Office of property management fees.
4, determine office equipment:
1) according to the needs and the company's new Office budget, to choose new equipment purchase and disposal of old equipment.
2) determines the placing of furniture ...
5, staff capacity:
6, applications implement new office network, telephone line.
7, the old health cleaning for offices, personal office items, Office files, put them.
8, around the new Office environment to understand (including traffic, bus routes, parking, banking and other distributions).
9, relocation to the new release (such as the dealer, customer, shopping centres and other business unit).
10, the new office space and decoration to take protective measures, not to suffer.

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Scope of business
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