Moving steps

First, before I move:
&Nbsp;   first this a step is very important of, need do early of prepared work, for moved playing good based, by said of based main is items package, Beijing brothers moved company has professional of package group, door service, for different of items calligraphy save, and glass products, and heavy equipment, has specifically of box and packaging skills, and in box above marked specific items; conducive to moved company easily tell, this for loading is is important of; II, and moved in the: < br /> &Nbsp;   moving work is mainly in Beijing, moving company, moving company with the customer based on goods lost corrupted, path length for the price assessment, contract vehicles, personnel must be prepared, but for their own personal valuables at home want to save, to help move the company moved; three, moving finish:
&Nbsp;  move completed, first to check if an item is lost or damaged, compensation in accordance with contracts, cleaning, this time in the box on the marking reflects the value, because you can follow mark room, twice;
Scope of business
Shanghai Gongxing Moving Company

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