Glass how to save?

Professional moving company will ask the customer home goods, moving company probably has a bottom, can roughly estimate how many items, mainly divided into: fragile items, large items, valuables, scattered articles and categories. Moving glass on the way is how to save it?
&Nbsp;   glass products in your home are mainly glass sliding door, glass Cabinet, glass cups, glass, these items will be packaged in the box when mat cotton wool or soft cloth, and try not to have not just to plug the gap, if there is a gap fill with cotton wool or cloth. Glass mirror similar fixed with the rope when the mirrors on both sides of pad of soft cloth to prevent cut the rope to prevent damage.
Other items like thermometer, pressure bottles required net of water, refrigerator water within the water must be clear, besides TV, VCR, radio and tape recorders, DVD players, audio system is best to use the original box packaging. Most important are easily damaged items such as paintings, antiques, artifacts, arts and crafts, ceramics to be wrapped in paper or cloth and then put inside a box, books can be tied into bundles or boxes.
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