Feng Shui, Mong Kok, three tips

First: the innovative color:
Festival during many friends stressed personality again painted within wall, room of color can directly effect to human of normal physiological function and owner shipped drive, regardless of is Office also is housing House please avoid following color:  1, and deep blue: produced Yin gas heavy, home within also owes peace;  2, and green, caused indoor dead, no angry boom;  3, and pink: for big fierce of color, easy makes people mood tempered, and is fight frequently, and feelings separation; second: door has about:
&Nbsp;  1, exterior door openings must not shun water face certain bankruptcy.
2, the doors to avoid door-to-door in housing estates. So they form this, but not long, easy words conflict.   3, is not available on the door there are two or more colors, otherwise, it will have a rambling feel.
&Nbsp;   4, adjust the door to see the wood grain is the climb or conventional. Houses along the grain upon smooth inverse pattern makes houses Mercurial and inadequate. &Nbsp;    5 door height proportionate, usually as standard with 2.3 m. Door height should not be too high is dangerous. Too low door makes people lose faith. &Nbsp;    6, try to avoid round-arched door in the House. Circular on behalf of, their houses are ideal for static, so it is not. Moreover round-arched door seem grave, very unlucky.
&Nbsp;  7, avoid garbage in front: the entrance of the gate, do not put any debris or garbage, otherwise, this will make people susceptible to disease and do bad;    8, doors opened inwards instead of outwards. Main air intake, if the door is opened, that would send the breath of peace inside the House, this means losing games, or even bankruptcy. &Nbsp;     9, the gate "Tiger" adverse: Office and shop doors, not being rushed "Tiger" or chimney. The so-called "Tiger" refers to a sharp corner of a building or a particular building, if doors or Windows or prominent buildings on the corner, like a dagger, which of course is very bad.   III: moving to naofang many friends during the Spring Festival's House, but after moving must naofang, whether it is moving to a new home or moving to have lived in the House, are going to invite some friends and family to a new home come messing around Mong Mong popularity.
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