Cleaning tips

1, and salt to soup juice: If carpet Shang has soup juice, don't with wet cloth to wipe, to with clean of dry cloth or towel sucking dry water, in stains at sub some salt, stay salt surface into absorption Hou, with vacuum cleaner will salt sucking go, again with brush whole flat carpet can; 2, and Apple nuclear to oil: fruit nuclear in the contains pectin, has removal dirt of role, can is easily of removal kitchen pool in the of oil; 3, and ice removal gum: sticky in stall Shang of gum not easy removal, can with ice loaded in plastic bags in the, cover in gum Shang, Wait until gum hard, had a brush with a brush can; 4, this is a lazy man use plastic wrap a little trick: posted on the wall near the stove in the kitchen plastic wrap. Easy attachment due to plastic wrap features plus transparent, invisible to the naked eye, stay fresh-keeping film oily after a few weeks, just gently wrap torn off, again covered with a layer, effortlessly. For weekday busy housewives, it can be a good way to convenient lazy; 5, wipe the soiled leather sofa with egg white: available a clean piece of cloth dipped in egg white wipe stain can be removed, and make leather light; 6, using toothpaste to clean the refrigerator case: refrigerator shells General dirt, use a soft cloth dampened with a little toothpaste to slowly wipe. Because toothpaste contains abrasives, very strong detergency, 7, dip it in milk to clean wood furniture: take a clean piece of cloth to drink the milk dip it expires, then use the cloth to wipe the table, wooden furniture such as cabinets, decontamination works very well, and then wipe again with clean water. Painted furniture stained with dust, damp gauze-wrapped tea leaves to wipe, or scrubbing with cold tea will be more bright and clean bright; 8, smooth wood furniture methods: wood furniture wax available water quality water spray on the furniture surface, then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth, furniture will be bright and clean bright. If scratches the surface, can be coated with cod-liver oil, and a day later with a damp cloth. Also, with thick of brine wipe, can prevent wood quality rot bad, extended furniture of life; 9, and white radish wipe cuisine Taiwan: cut of white radish match clean agent scrub kitchen table, will will produced unexpected of clean effect, also can with slice of small cucumber and carrot instead of, but, white radish of effect better; 10, and alcohol cleaning hair velvet sofa: hair velvet cloth of sofa available hair brush dipped little diluted of alcohol sweep brush a again, again with hair dryer blow dry, as met Shang juice stains, with 1 teaspoon soda powder and water mix, Then use the cloth to wipe on, stains will decrease;
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