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And prevent leaks:
Air conditioning and refrigeration, leakage of opportunity, which is caused by the air conditioner installation not standard; test: air conditioning installed, try it immediately, if no leaking for some time, there is no other question; second, the prevention of fluoride:
Air conditioning connector not tightened, cracking, there will be leakage phenomenon of fluorine, fluoride if air-conditioning leakage, you need often filled with fluorine, fees raised; test:
1. refrigerant leakage check should be conducted before the trial. Leak detector mainly for air conditioning inside and outside the pipe 4 interface, and globe valve and so on.
2. soapy water leak detection method. SOAP and water (you can also use dishwashing liquid) leak detection is one of the most commonly used method, split type air conditioner opening 10-15 seconds (20-30 seconds), close the valve, soon the parts is greater than the air pressure in the system 0.8Mpa of the refrigerant. Leak suspects apply soapy water, such as bubble formation, leakage, and no air bubbles appear for 3 minutes can be considered qualified third, prevent leakage:
&Nbsp;   check the power cord, if there are issues that must be replaced in time, prone to leakage fire crisis lives; the main check that the power cord is clear and concise, no cross winding, capacity, to meet more than twice times the maximum value of the rated current of air conditioner; indoor and outdoor wiring air conditioning installation to be grounded, no stretching, twisting, winding and so on.
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