Winter moving considerations

A, and air detection: winter climate dry, temperature high, ventilation poor, decoration material in the of harmful material volatile volume big, harmful material dissolved degrees exceeded, need do of is moments detection air quality, keep air fresh; II, and placed water: decoration completed yihou, must to in all room placed a basin water, above first article also said has, air dry, ventilation poor, such placed a basin water keep water balance of effective measures, can increased indoor humidity, prevent wall surface, and top surface, and Furniture, dry too fast appeared crack; three, and open window ventilation: ventilation ventilation is must of, open window ventilation best in temperature soft of afternoon, each ventilation time don't too long, prevent window near of wall surface was frozen color; four, and planted Green: new decoration of House planted green not only can landscaping indoor environment, can keep air fresh, most important of is is absorption new homes air in the of harmful gas; five, and acceptance: new homes decoration yihou acceptance, main is strict check construction in the of left sewing, and posted paper, and Patch compliance requirements, is already cracking, and decoration companies agree on the details of after-sale warranty;
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