Top ten wedding room layout taboo

A, and bridal chamber air keep circulation, wedding housing new decoration of due to paint, and wood, are contains must of toxic gas, so ventilation keep air of absolute circulation; II, and bed of wall Shang, wedding photos don't hanging, oppression sense overweight, easy makes couples produced nightmare; three, and bridal chamber tones if too dark, as blue, and green, and Crimson, and deep grey,, easy makes couples mood not hearty.
Four, and bridal chamber of bed pillow sides, not was Cabinet angle or Cabinet angle, and desks, and makeup Taiwan rushed shot, easy makes people partial headache; five, and married room of wall, and home furniture, and curtains, as of not using pink, don't because covet beautiful put home made where are is pink, as will makes people of brain neurasthenia, and fear, and disturbed, and easy temper, not conducive to physical and mental health, for couples life also produced bad of effect; six, and bridal chamber floor of color best select color more shallow, and gentle of color, and colleagues also will think House clean clean, If is red, and special fire pink, easy makes people temper tempered, and spat more, while according to civil legend, bridal chamber in the if bed towel, and blankets more with red, health female of opportunities more; seven, and according to Feng Shui Division of claims, bridal chamber of bed not can toward bathroom of door, easy heart Shi health colic, Xia abdominal blame gas difficult elimination of syndrome; eight, and bridal chamber ceiling not five spent 10 color (not red or deep blue), grotesque of decoration, beware into gossip, and net, diseases bundle out; nine, and bridal chamber of bed feet Department side, not on toilet door , Sore feet and bridal chamber bed, not the TV is charging, beware of brain nervous breakdown; ten, wedding location in the sunniest place, heralded in the Feng Shui good luck, bright, as the light is too Dim for a long time, couple easily irritable, bicker, is not conducive to feeling chest discomfort over a long time;
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