Move before blessing ceremony

Prepare things are: pine or Cypress branches, washing water, glutinous rice 5, root, 2 red candles, apples, 5 cups, 5 (unused), paper money (Shou Jin gold, land, etc) several Sun moving company moved the ritual process:
Before, first in all things is not in residence, with pine or Cypress branches covered with glutinous rice water ziqing, out of dirty things. Order to first room corridor to the living room, window corners, walls and then after the door, again after a first down.
Second, after cleaning, if home worship gods will gods lovers town house within a House. Incense offerings.
Third, in the middle of the living room will be poured the cup half full of tea, one each in four directions, the middle one. And then near the center of incense, wax, fruit offerings. Burning paper money outside the gate to the land of wealth. To worship them more blessed yourself.
Four, "eight minutes with Qualcomm, built in red envelopes, envelopes need coins, stove (pot), tie a red ribbon around the broom cuoji, even chopsticks into three buckets full of water" items moved into the kitchen.
Five, family quilts, clothes, move to the bedroom.
Six, moving other items into the House.
Qi, Feng Shui town, town of Feng Shui in place at this time.
Eight, the ceremony ended.
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