How to protect the glass products

Glass sliding doors, glass Cabinet and glass shelf Panel should assemble, unable to assemble the available tape fixed. Wardrobe, refrigerator, cabinets and more large pieces of furniture and clothing items should be pulled out within packing or packing, fragile, perishable, easy to spill, rare and fine chop suey and home systems must be properly boxed, and established a significant identity. Thermometer, pressure bottles net of water, refrigerator, water within the water clear. TV, VCR, radio and tape recorders, DVD players, audio system is best to use the original box packaging. Paintings, antiques, artifacts, arts and crafts, porcelain, paper or cloth and then put inside a box. Books can be tied into bundles or boxes.
&Nbsp;   Yu calligraphy save, and easy broken items moved are has must of skills, can in moved in the guarantee not by injury, will in moved completed yihou inventory items, as found has damage and lost of phenomenon, will immediately take missed, where gold and silver, and jewelry, and jewelry, and currency, and securities, and ticket, and antique, and books, and calligraphy, and file, and account book, and skills material, and chart, and arts and crafts products, and glass and the products and other cannot identification value of items are not belongs to moved goods insurance scale within.
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