Families with pregnant women to move with caution

If the Hall is a narrow rectangle. Rectangle in Feng Shui is a form of Master Yin, House wives are pregnant, Yang of the body more frail cases, this pattern has a negative effect on their health. And residential hall is belongs to positive of space, should is square pattern only properly, so-called "days round place" this is Feng Shui Learn Shang of natural environment structure law, square of Hall pattern, is yangzhai Yang gas most can appeared of pattern, if to has conducive to wife of health shipped, so on put Hall tiles of color is divided into two species, in Visual Shang put narrow of rectangular of Hall, into two a smaller of square; in Hall of Northeast Wall Shang hanging a site red of "Fu" Word figure. Hexagrams in Zhouyi, the youngest son of Northeast, northeast of five elements are Earth, the Red "f" Word, to fire in Mong Kok the azimuth of the five elements of rustic, and "Fu" is the implication of the fortune for the family, it can add to the safety of people engaged in health. In Zhouyi, is confirmed in the West on behalf of girls, Gua-Gua, West of the five elements of gold, in the West of the Hall placed ceramic like Fu, Lu and shou, to enhance female GUA five gold, thereby enhancing peace of Liu Yun.
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