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Shanghai gongxing moving company is a professional moving company, was established one of the early movers, Johnson moving companies in the community's support, through the tireless efforts of all staff, moving company has developed rapidly in Shanghai, some cars from its inception has developed into a professional moving transport company with a certain scale. Shanghai gongxing moving company all staff are trained, excellent service! Has various moved field vehicles more than 80 more than Taiwan, public XING moved, and Gong Xing moved field, and Shanghai Public XING moved company, and Shanghai Gong Xing moved field company, and Shanghai Public XING moved, and Shanghai Gong Xing moved field, and public XING moved company, and Gong Xing moved field company, and Shanghai moved company, and Shanghai moved field company, and Shanghai moved, and Shanghai moved field, and moved company, and moved field company, Porter people more than 200 more people, Shanghai Public XING moved company in 2000 get Shanghai "top ten transport enterprise", and "public satisfaction service ten strong", honors. Shanghai gongxing moving company and Shanghai, the major strength of the moving companies in Shanghai to join transport, so far there has been a large scale moving Ltd, for a long time, the company spirit of "safe, efficient, business integrity, appropriate price, perfect service" business philosophy, to provide our customers with high quality, efficient service, has won common recognition and support of customers.
Shanghai Gongxing Moving Company

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